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Google recently introduced a new feature on their site called the +1 Button for Websites. You’ve likely seen the +1 next to Google search results and some web pages over the past few months. This article explains why it’s important for you to add the +1 button to your own website if you haven’t already.

If someone inside your potential customers social network has +1′d your site, it will show up higher in Google Search results. Each +1 is also broadcast on Google+ (Google’s own Social Network) to all the followers of the person who clicks the button.

Search results will now start to vary between different users based on what their friends have +1′d. The reality is, if no one likes your site, it’s search rank may begin to fall.

Installing a Google +1 button on your website is super easy if you follow these instructions from Google. If you use WordPress, installing the +1 button on articles, pages, and images is a super easy 1 click plugin installation.

Video Overview of Google +1 Button:

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