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Outsourcing all or part of your marketing plan to an experienced agency can deliver a higher return on your ad spend and allow you to focus on making your new customer happy.

When should Roofing Companies work with an agency?

  • If you have an online marketing budget above $500.00/month.
  • If paying $40-$60.00 per new customer inquiry is lower than your internal cost to generate leads
  • If you’re using yellow pages (an online advertising agency will blow their ROI out of the water)

Typically, agencies pocket 20-30% of your ad spend, then use the remainder to actually purchase the ads. The amount you lose of your effective ad spend is more than made up for by the experience of the agent.

A good agency will do some link building and mention you in blog posts, Twitter updates, Facebook and their own website. Generally these extra things will help make you feel more comfortable with their commission.

Leverage My Experience and Relationships
While focusing on the local service marketing segment of online advertising over the past few years I’ve dealt with some horrible agencies, and a few exceptional ones.

Agencies are not one size fits all. Your level of marketing experience, budget, and involvement in your marketing campaigns are just a few factors that I use when recommending agencies to clients.

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Find the right agency the first time. I’ve worked with some of the worst and best agencies in this business. Registered users have access to my reviews. Let me know your location and expertise and I will recommend someone who will be able to have a dramatic and more importantly measurable impact on your business.

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