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Wonder how much (on average) Roofing Contractors are paying per click on Google? I was doing some research today for a new project and put together some very simple averages for a few keywords.

Remember the price per click Google charges is based on the Quality Score of your site and the bid amount you enter for the keyword. The higher your quality score, the lower your price per click.

Keyword Search Volume CPC
roofing contractors 165,000 $3.59
roof shingles 90,500 $1.77
roofers 135,000 $3.60
roofer 90,500 $3.34
roofing contractor 60,500 $4.67

Roofers in smaller towns will pay much less than the prices above. On the other hand, big city Roofers are likely to pay a bit more for the same keywords. It all boils down to bidding competition.

Do you know your website’s conversion rate from “visitors” to “Quote requesters/ Phone calls” ? If you’re paying $46.00 for every 10 hits you’re going to also need to make sure you’re tracking your conversion from sales leads to closed sales. If you close 1 out of every 8 sales leads you’re paying $400-450.00 per sale at these prices. A site that converts twice as well would have half the cost per sale. It’s clear to see that good website optimization and refining your sales process will significantly lower your average price per lead and sale.

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