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Ready to step up your Roofing Marketing plan for summer? Purchasing leads from a Network may provide some serious thrust to your marketing campaign. By grouping together a large base of existing advertisers, specialized “local service” ad networks can manage your ad distribution on a standardized delivery and reporting platform.

These companies do not send visitors to your site, rather they direct “roofing information / sales request form” submissions from your geography to you. These information submit forms are generally setup as “Receive 3 quotes from local roofing companies..etc etc”. Quality of these leads is generally the lowest because your competitors can also buy the same information. Prices for the leads may also be lower as a result.

These networks advertise on Facebook and other large sites displaying ads targeted to homeowners. If a home owner engages an ad and requests a quote (or to speak with a contractor), all their information is passed along to you for a flat rate per lead.

Quality from individual networks fluctuates dramatically. To see which networks are currently providing the best results for my Roofing Contractors please Register.

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