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Google Plus For Roofing Contractors

In October I wrote an article about how I thought it would be important to create a Google Plus profile and add a Google +1 button to your website – well even I could not estimate how important Google Plus would become and how dramatically Google has began shifting search results for company brands and people.

It’s an Emergency – But Everything’s OK
I’m excited by how much priority Google is giving to this feedback it gets from it’s social network and continue to notice very few roofing contractors have adopted Google +1 share buttons anywhere on their site’s content. I think it’s not an EMERGENCY if you don’t have Google +1 buttons.

Learn Why This is So Important in 12 Minutes
No one has explained the importance of Google Plus better than Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ. Although it’s several months old, this video hits the nail on the head and is a must see if you’re unfamiliar with how Google +1 is influencing search results.

You Can Do This
Now that you have become an expert on Google Plus you can decide if you need to spend more time developing your Google Plus strategy. If you haven’t had any experience with Google Plus you have nothing to fear – it’s super simple.

First you need to create a profile for yourself on the Google Plus (only takes 1-2 minutes!). Now you can begin adding people to circles and having fun building friends like you’ve done other places (add me here). Next you need to generate a button to include on your websites pages using the Google +1 Button Generator (simple right?!). Finally you need to insert the Google +1 code snippet into your sites pages. Done!

If you’re lucky, your website is powered by a CMS (content management system) that supports plugins that will globally add the Google +1 button to all your pages at once. If you don’t know HTML or don’t want to spend time adding the code to all your pages please contact your designer and make this a priority.

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