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The first question most roofing companies have when they are considering online marketing is how do I advertise on Google? With so many agencies, advertising kits, and self proclaimed Google gurus, you would think that advertising your site on Google must require rocket science.

Google’s Adwords is one of the most user friendly advertising platforms online. You can create your Google Adwords advertising account in less than five minutes and creating your first basic ad won’t even take that long. Type in your desired keywords and phrases, enter a bid to have your ad show up for each one, set a budget and let it go. Being able to set tiny campaign limits let’s you tests the waters for $5.00/day.

You can do an enormous amount with Google Analytics, a free traffic analysis service Google offers that can integrate straight into your advertising account. Setting certain pages or contact forms as “goals” using analytics is simple. By using Analytics you can get an eagle’s eye view of how traffic is moving across your site. Track the keywords you’re bidding on and see which ones are delivering the most verified contacts and which are driving the most closed sales.

Where people come out ahead using an agency is when the agency can deliver an ROI lift that is greater than the % they are pocketing of your monthly ad spend to manage your account. Typically agencies take 35-50% of spend for their compensation. There aren’t many agencies that can effectively manage a Roofing campaign and actually give you better results than if you were to spend a few nights per week experimenting around and tweaking your keyword lists yourself. For companies with marketing budgets above $3000/mo, an agency definitely makes sense. View our agency recommendations.

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