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roofing-marketing-twitterStart generating sales leads on Twitter for your Roofing Company right now.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a website with millions of users who post updates about their daily experiences and discoveries. Folks using twitter generally follow several hundred people’s updates. There are many ways you can easily search for local relevant posts and twitter users.

If you have no idea what a Tweet or a Tweeple is don’t worry, this is the simplest social network to join and participate in. If you want a super detailed overview check out Wikipedia’s Twitter info.

Get a Twitter Account.
Signup for Twitter free here by filling out a 3 field form and hitting submit.

Fill out the simple profile information. By inputting your city and personal description people searching for “near by” posts on twitter will see your message.

Tweet something ;)

Get Local
Finding potential customers is a simple process. Eventually you may come up with your own routines or find websites that do a better job than the ones I’m going to use as examples.

First you can just play around with Twitter’s own search page. Try a few searches such as “Roofing San Diego”, “Roof leaking San Diego”, “Water Roof San Diego” etc (of course use your city name). Now try a few basic searches using the advanced search options and type your city name into the “Places” field and see how it affects your results.

Next I want to suggest that you visit a few 3rd party sites that search twitter in different ways. Nearby Tweets is a cool site you can use to search for tweets near your area. You can select keywords such as “roofing” to filter the tweets. This is also a good way to see what your competitors are posting on twitter.

Find some people to follow at Locafollow. I like their interface and tweet filtering. Make sure to follow some important people from your area and also follow a few people likely to follow you back (people who are following the same amount of people following them are likely to re-follow you if you follow them. Sound confusing? It’s not. Just go try it.

Be Social and Build Reputation
Browsing and replying to other member’s tweets is an important part of your social marketing. You want to gain some reputation with people in your area so when they eventually run into a roof problem they know exactly who to call.

A good rule of thumb is to post 80% of your messages as just general updates about what is going on with your business or as replies to other users, and 20% posting messages that are basically just advertisements for your business, such as “Live in San Diego and have a leaky roof? Call us today 619-702-xxxx”.

Remember, people following you will see your updates in their homepage timeline so if you are just spamming advertisements non-stop everyone will unfollow you.

10 Minutes per Week
Once your account is setup and you have the basic down of following people in your area, your twitter marketing efforts can literally take 5-10 minutes per week.

If you have any questions about marketing your roofing business on Twitter, software for scheduling tweets or anything else please use my contact page for a fast response, or hit me up on Twitter @jaytoddmartin.

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