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How to Market Roofing on Twitter

Start generating sales leads on Twitter for your Roofing Company right now. What is Twitter? Twitter is a website with millions of users who post updates about their daily experiences and discoveries. Folks using twitter generally follow several hundred people’s updates. There are many ways you can easily search for local relevant posts and twitter [...]


Ready to step up your Roofing Marketing plan for summer? Purchasing leads from a Network may provide some serious thrust to your marketing campaign. By grouping together a large base of existing advertisers, specialized “local service” ad networks can manage your ad distribution on a standardized delivery and reporting platform. These companies do not send [...]


Precisely calculate the value of your website’s visitors How do you figure out the value of each website visitor? The value of each surfer will vary depending on what type of products or services they are searching for. Therefore, you must be able to track the value of each search phrase that delivers potential clients [...]


The first question most roofing companies have when they are considering online marketing is how do I advertise on Google? With so many agencies, advertising kits, and self proclaimed Google gurus, you would think that advertising your site on Google must require rocket science. Google’s Adwords is one of the most user friendly advertising platforms [...]


Wonder how much (on average) Roofing Contractors are paying per click on Google? I was doing some research today for a new project and put together some very simple averages for a few keywords. Remember the price per click Google charges is based on the Quality Score of your site and the bid amount you [...]


Dominate your local market with consulting and advice from our experts. Roofing marketing in the online space has become extremely competitive as most contractor’s have recognized it’s effectiveness and have continued to drive up relevant search click costs as the ROI continues to skyrocket. Let’s take a look at why Roofing Contractors are the perfect [...]

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