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Timing and exposure is everything when it comes to Storm Marketing.  As you’re aware, these unpredictable windfalls of business can generate a huge portion of your annual revenue over just a single month. Storm marketing requires more than just internet marketing campaigns.   TV and Radio spots are critical.  Ground teams going from home to home [...]


We increase your entire site’s search engine rank and lower your average cost per click dramatically.

Dec 062009

Pay-per-lead fits any budget, pay only for results.  A marketing company should be paid based on their results, not the amount of time they waste not helping you find customers. Stop paying for your marketing agent to sit around and watch football all day, and start paying for new customer contacts only when they roll [...]


Your website is the core of your online marketing efforts and should be the first thing you focus on before spending money or time trying to get potential customers on your site.  There are many design companies selling premade Roofing sites for low prices. Take control of your content.  Simplified content management systems like WordPress [...]

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