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Managed Pay Per Click Campaigns for Roofing Contractors

The top search engines all alllow you to target specific sets of ads to users in a certain geographical location anytime they search for a keyword or phrase you have targetted with your ads. The price to display your ads is based on a bidding system for each desired keyword.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a cheaper and more effective route to go for Roofing Contractors in smaller towns. The competition for geo-specific keywords such as “Whitfield Roof Replacement” or any other “small town/city + Roofing terms” is very low. You can obtain visitors for $0.35 – $1.00 each.

PPC advertising should make up a smaller part of the marketing plan for Roofing companies located in large cities. It is important to be in the sponsored results for the most profitable searches, but paying a flat rate per lead will almost always generate more business for less money. Prices charged by Google for each sponsored listing click in many metro areas is now above $5.00 per visit.

Our search engines of choice for Roofing Marketing:

Google, without a doubt, owns the local search marketing space. offers great personalized service and will even build your campaigns for you. BING is still relatively cheap but competition is driving prices higher each month.

Almost every search engine will provide tools that allow you to create live reports to view conversion paths throughout your site.  See which search phrases are actually driving sales, which searches people come in on and leave the fastest,  know where your visitors are surfing from and much more. It won’t take long to figure out what your most profitable keywords are.

You can start PPC marketing using Google Adwords for as little as $5.00/day.

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