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Pay Per Lead I Generate For You

  • I’m a consultant for Roofing Contractors. Contractors pay me a small commission for each sales lead I directly generate for them. I tackle all aspects of online marketing for clients, including social media.
  • If you do not have a suitable website, we can build and host advertisements on our own server where customers can submit information and price requests directly to you.
  • Getting started is easier than you think. Prices are flexible and based on factors related to your existing marketing efforts and results. Typical cost per open lead range from $40-$60.00/lead.

How I Increase Your Profit

Imagine you’ve been advertising your site on Google Adwords, Bing! and Facebook for 3 months and you know that you must spend around $52 in advertising for every new sales lead you generate. The natural next step is to then offer a bounty of a lesser amount to increase the efficiency and volume of your online sales leads. Now paying me $42.00 per validated lead starts to make a lot of sense, and save you huge amounts of time managing ads.

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