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My Mission


My goal is simple – lower your existing cost per sales contact.  Each day millions of home owners research roof repairs, replacement, and new construction; we help you connect with them.

  1. Offer an understanding of current marketing opportunities
    At the very least we want to make sure you’re aware of the possibilities for marketing and tracking the return on advertising spend using readily available website applications, ad networks, and analytics.
  2. Show you how to access these marketing opportunities yourself
    It’s not rocket science to setup and manage your own online marketing campaigns. With a few months of experience (treating it like a hobby) you will be an efficient online marketer. Services like Google Adwords provide a simple approach to precision targeted local advertising with detailed reporting updated hourly.
  3. Provide fully managed online advertising solutions for Roofing Contractors
    Too busy with job sites to invest time in optimizing and scaling a successful online marketing campaign? We will explain and provide access to fully managed advertising solutions and flat rate per lead or sale commission options. Our recommendations are based on experience and trust, not greed and profit.
  4. Provide proprietary lead generation and tracking software
    Your current advertising agent probably tells you your cost per click (CPC), but do they tell you your earnings per click (EPC)? We provide simple to understand analytical reports for your site based only on activity generated from your marketing spend.
  5. Fill the missing links in your advertising efforts
    Most people are doing 90% of things correctly with their marketing plan, it’s the last 10% that really counts. Let us review your goals and objectives to see what type of advantages we could provide to your company.
  6. Our specialties include:

    • Web Design – start to finish template based sites allow you to easily take control of your own site and content once the initial construction is completed.
    • Web Hosting – We have multiple servers in St Louis and Milwalkee. We have over 30 years combined experience with web hosting and servicing clients.
    • Online Advertising – We have millions of dollars of ad spend under our belt on Facebook, Google,, BING, and Yahoo search. Potential customers are already online looking for you, we make sure you’re in the spot light.


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