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I have years of experience building and marketing websites. Through the course of my career I have been able to occasionally focus time on small business and local service marketing projects. Over the years I’ve really come to enjoy this work.

In 2008 I was able to shift strict focus to small business marketing and was really enjoying the challenges and rewards of working with this group of clients. In late 2009 my focus shifted to generating leads and registrations for social networks and software purely because the scale was much larger and so was the revenue.

Immediately I missed “flipping the light switch” for people when I explained how easily it is to rank for important search phrases that will deliver results for them in their towns. There is something I enjoy about reviewing a website and pointing out the easiest fixes that will produce the biggest changes, then watch with the site owner as the analytical data improves and their sites move up the rankings.

This website is a place where I can compile the most useful data and provide it at no charge to surfers . I want people to learn how to setup their own Adwords campaigns in 1 hour. Setup Facebook ads in 25 minutes. Measure the effectiveness of your ads and optimize them for sales conversions.

Register for the site and I’ll answer any questions you have via telephone or email.

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