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Wondering what real benefits YouTube has to offer your roofing company? You can now get on page 1 of Google search result within 24 hours for many geo-specific searches (example: townname roof replacement) with a YouTube video. A huge % of people that use the internet in your geography are viewing local videos everyday using various filters on the site.

YouTube is a great place to feature custom testimonials and some short clips of job sites from active projects. A majority of homeowners preparing to spend money putting a new lid on their most important asset will search the web first. Making sure you’re being well represented in the YouTube search results is more important than ever before.

Embedding your uploaded videos in your own website can help develop reputation with prospective clients. Get additional local exposure for your roofing business by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

The following video explains how to structure your video title, how to do some basic video promotion to gain keyword relevance, get viewers to engage your website from your video and what you should include in your upload.

Learn by watching what other Roofers are doing – check out a few of these various video topics, presentation styles, etc:

Many digital recording devices (most likely including your cellphone) have 1-click uploading features for YouTube. You can easily edit the video title and description once it’s posted.

I recommend you try uploading 4 or 5 clips. Don’t already have a YouTube Channel? Setting one up only takes a few minutes. Make sure you create a channel that only includes videos that help sell your business (don’t include videos of you drag racing). You can fully edit everything later except the username so carefully think this part out.

In this day and age, creating and maintaining a YouTube Channel is a core ingredient in any successful online marketing strategy for local service businesses. Don’t get left behind.

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