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Roofing marketing in the online space has become extremely competitive as most contractor’s have recognized it’s effectiveness and have continued to drive up relevant search click costs as the ROI continues to skyrocket.

Let’s take a look at why Roofing Contractors are the perfect for internet advertising:

  • You can target ads within a tight radius  (within 30 miles)
  • You can precisely measure the return on every ad penny spent with detailed statistics that show you how traffic from different sources behave differently on your website, then focus ad spend on the most productive search phrases or local website link/banner placements that are generating business for you.
  • Immediate ad placements – Have your storm ads running for your town and surrounding counties before the storm even passes.
  • Almost everyone, especially high end shoppers,  research products and companies online before purchasing.   If you aren’t online, you’re giving these clients away.

Our experience in online roofing marketing allows us to provide you with a fixed cost per contact in your specified geography.   Would you like for us to send you information about homeowners in your computer who are requesting information online about roofing services?

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