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We increase your entire site’s search engine rank and lower your average cost per click dramatically.

Ranking high in Google is simply a matter of making Google look intelligent for ranking your site at the top.  How do you do this?  You make the pages better than your competitors and easier for Google to understand.

Did you know the number of industry specific sites linking to your site has an enormous affect on your site’s reputation in the eyes of Google?  Do you know how many sites are currently linking to you, or how to monitor this type of activity?

Optimizing a website for search engines is much like optimizing a website for a 5 year old, except Google can’t read images.

The number of internal references you use on your own site to the most important areas of your site can also affect those pages rankings.   If you link to a specific page of your site from all the other pages, Google will know this specific page is important and is related to whatever keyword phrase you are linking to it with.

Just optimizing a navigation menu so that Google can actually read it and know what your site is about only takes a few minutes and can increase traffic dramatically.

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