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Timing and exposure is everything when it comes to Storm Marketing.  As you’re aware, these unpredictable windfalls of business can generate a huge portion of your annual revenue over just a single month.

Storm marketing requires more than just internet marketing campaigns.   TV and Radio spots are critical.  Ground teams going from home to home offering expidited estimates for people who fill out contact forms can create a huge stack of leads in an afternoon.

Storm Marketing advertising commonly fails because of execution.  Roofing Contractors and larger corporate roofing services must deal with a half dozen blue collar marketing reps trying to make sure their radio ad is done, and the TV time slots are confirmed.  Having all the ads run correclty across all mediums (TV, radio, internet, print) would generally be considered a miracle.

Most companies deal with a single marketing firm that bundles the required advert mediums into a package that utilizes 30-40% of your actual fees to buying the ad spots.  Your effective ad spend is reduced further by them running ineffective and outsourced campaigns.

The result – your ads run less, your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) drops, and your marketing agent buying several rounds of drinks for his friends in a high priced steakhouse.

What are you experiences with marketing agents in the Roofing Industry?  Please leave your reply in the comments box below.

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