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Twitter is now among the top 10 sites in the world based on website traffic. Managing your roofing company’s visibility and reputation on the social network has become more important than ever.

Twitter now includes your last 100 Tweeted photos in personalized photo album under your profile. People that visit your twitter page will see a row of thumbnails showcasing your lasted photos.

Photos are now automatically imported into Your Twitter Album from their photo upload form, Twitpic and a few other 3rd party image hosting services.

If you haven’t added any photos to your Twitter profile it won’t be long before it looks out of date
. Make your profile stand out by adding photos ASAP. Include a few job site photos showcasing your crew. Try to get a few shots of your equipment (trucks with your logo on them?) and anything else you feel will add credibility to your business.

Luckily, adding photos to Twitter is easy. Log into your account. Notice that when you click on the status update form a camera icon appears at the bottom left of the tweet creation window. Click this icon and select a photo from your computer. Add a description in the text box and click Tweet. You can also Tweet the URL of any photo already online and Twitter will automatically add it to your album.

Other To-Do’s

Put a picture of a crew member on your profile. Twitter users are more likely to follow and engage profiles with real people’s faces on them. Avoid using your corporate logo or a photo of a roof you’ve installed.

Include your phone number in your profile description text. Did you know Skype and other VOIP users can click the phone number from your profile to place a direct call to you? Put your number in there!

Go check out other roofing company twitter profiles by doing a Quick Search or click here to view a few!/search/roof%20repair

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