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Knowing what people are searching for is one of the first things you’ll need to understand before you can create pages or blog posts optimized for search engines.   If you write content no one is searching for, what is the point?

Below is a list of the top 50 searches for “roofing” related terms sorted by the number of searches performed for the term or phrase over the past 30 days.  (updated Aug 9th 2011)

roof 9140000
how to roof 9140000
roofing roofing 5000000
roofing how to 5000000
a roofing 5000000
how to roofing 5000000
the roofing 5000000
about roofing 5000000
a and a roofing 5000000
at roofing 5000000
shingles 3350000
roofs 823000
metal roof 368000
roof metal 368000
metal roofing 368000
roofing metal 368000
roofing shingles 368000
shingles roofing 368000
how to roofing shingles 368000
roofing shingles how to 368000
roof shingles 368000
shingles for roof 368000
shingles roof 368000
how to roof shingles 368000
shingles and roof 368000
gaf 673000
corrugated 550000
steel roofing 301000
steel roof 301000
metal roofs 201000
shingle roof 201000
roof shingle 201000
steel roofs 201000
roof repair 246000
roofing contractors 201000
roofing companies 201000
roofer 246000
the roofer 246000
a roofer 246000
roofers 246000
shingle roofing 201000
roofers roofing 201000
roofing roofer 201000
roofing contractor 165000
contractor roofing 165000
roofing company 135000
company roofing 135000
new roof 135000
roof cost 135000
metal roofing shingles 110000

Having this list is just the first piece of the puzzle, working them into your site the right way is a whole other story. Stay tuned to upcoming articles regarding effective page titles, content organization and the importance of building your site’s reputation online.

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