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Your website is the core of your online marketing efforts and should be the first thing you focus on before spending money or time trying to get potential customers on your site.  There are many design companies selling premade Roofing sites for low prices.

Take control of your content.  Simplified content management systems like WordPress allow novice users to control all their content and handle ongoing updates inside the premade templates. These systems can usually be setup within a few minutes and cost around $5.00/mo to host.  Registering your site’s domain name generally cost around $9. Having a company maintain your site will generally run around $50-100/mo.

  • Plan A:
    Pay a high upfront fee for the initial site design ($800-2500), then continue to update the content within the “theme” using a simple content management system (to create pages, post images, categories, submit forms, bulletins, etc) with little to no ongoing costs (besides the nominal web hosting fee)
  • Plan B:
    Pay a flat rate per month (generally 90-150.00/mo) for a company to build and maintain your web presence.

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS). What the heck is that? A CMS allows anyone to easily create new pages, articles, moderate comments, select from pre-made design themes, and more.

After 16 years of hosting websites, I have never seen anything that allows small business clients to take over their own web design and updates like WordPress. I use it on this site and many others.

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